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Vertical Drilling Machine


The turreted HS 500 performs fast and precise drilling by automati- cally changing tools in five different sizes. In serial production, this model provides great advantage with speed and accuracy, and it reduces the processing costs to a very low level with a single operator. Suitable for flat and shaped glasses, this model results in low maintenance and spare parts cost due to its strong construction and corrosion resistant mechanical design.

  • Low machining time: Due to the turret system, holes in different dimensions drill quickly without the need to change the drill . In addition, drilling and countersinking occur in one operation.
  • Precise hole axis measurements and axis movements are extremely fast due to the glass holder clamp system.
  • Torque-controlled drilling: Torque control system to prevent cracking of glass for deep countersink.
  • Automatic dressing unit: This feature, which is offered as an option, automatically sharpens the drills.This will causes reduction of cyle time.
  • Dfx file compatibility: By loading Dfx files, drilling automatically occurs without entering data.
  • Low Processing and Energy Cost: Due to the servo-driven technology,the power consumptions is extremely low. As all processes are carried out automatically, only one person is getting a high production rate.
  • Barcode reading: As an optional.
  • Automatic lubrication: The automatic lubrication system prevents wearing of mechanical parts in a short time.
  • User friendly control panel: All operations are performed automatically by entering hole dimensions in the user friendly 18.5’’ Schneider control panel.

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