Tesir Makine: SV-1000 Vertical Seaming & Grinding Machine is now Premium

With the Premium model of its SV-1000 Vertical Seaming & Grinding Machine, Tesir Makine is driving the glass processing world farther


As one of the leading manufacturers of glass processing machinery, TESIR MAKINE is proudly introducing the PREMIUM model of its SV-1000 Vertical Seaming and Grinding Machine.

SV-1000 is a product of the most advanced technology. Thanks to the double head technology, it achieves fast and high quality seaming and grinding with its compact, powerful design and user friendly control panel. A strong and corrosion resistant construction considerably decreases the costs of maintenance and spare parts.

Advanced Features

  • PREMIUM model of the SV-1000 has been developed to make radius processing for 4 sides of the glass pane
  • It is able to process and grind shaped glass
  • Automation is by Schneider and the pneumatic system is by SMC
  • It has the ability to process glass in sizes up to 2500 by 35000mm (2500 by 6000 optional)
  • The SV-1000 Premium has the ability to process coated glass (Low-e)
  • By using rack and pinions in the Y axis, the SV-1000 Premium achieves a faster and more sensitive processing
  • The SV-1000 Premium features chamfering and also has the ability to polish

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