SN 100

The SN 100 is used for the grinding and polishing of shaped and flat glass with its strong construction and precise machining capability.

  • Fast and precise machining: Max. 1400 * 2400 mm glass is clamped very precisely by special clamp system. In addition, due to the 3-tool holder system, 12 mm thick glass can be processed in 3 stages without needing to change the tools.
  • Two Stations: Glasses in small dimensions are connected to two stations at the same time and processed.
  • Aluminum table: Due to the 20 mm thickness high quality aluminum table the machining processes are precisely carried out.
  • Corrosion-resistant: All surfaces in contact with water are made from corrosion-resistant material.
  • Magazine system: With this optional feature, tools changes are automatically performed through the magazine.
  • Low Processing and Energy Cost: Due to the servo-driven technology,the power consumptions is extremely low. As all processes are carried out automatically, only one person is getting a high production rate.


Glass sheet width max.: 2200 mm
Glass sheet width at the reference line min.: 170 mm
Glass sheet length max.:

1400 mm

Glass sheet length at the reference line min.: 170 mm
Glass sheet thickness: 3-19 mm
Glass Seaming/Deburring Speed : 0,5-5 m/min.
Weight : 3.500  Kg
Operating voltage, network parameters: 17Kw